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Review of Bang Tang, Potts Point

Updated: Feb 19, 2020

Inspired by the flavours of South East Asian classics, Bang Tang is serving up some fresh and healthy dishes with an emphasis on FLAVOUR. Their Big Bowls are where they excel: think bright and tangy salads, spicy meats, slippery noodles and fluffy rice coming together in generous serving bowls to share with a crowd or for one hungry human.

Bang Tang Bowls

I don't know if it's because I'm very proud of my heritage or what, but I seem to have a habit of sniffing out Thai people wherever I go. Speaking with one of the owners of Bang Tang, Tommy, I quickly recognise his Thai accent and we establish that he is from Chiang Mai, in the North of Thailand which is timely because I was just in Chaing Mai last week for my sisters wedding! It's always exciting to meet other Thais, particularly when dining in their restaurants because then I know I'm in for some good eating. Turns out that the chef here is ex. Sailors Thai which was one of my favourite Thai restaurants in Sydney during its 20 years of service, it was a place I would visit with my mum as a teenager and it was such a shame when they closed down, but such is the circle of life, and we are treated to new talent and restaurants to take their place such as Bang Tang.

Cigar Rolls and Tuna Bomb
Vegan Gyoza

The plates at Bang Tang are inspired by popular South East Asian dishes and we can immediately see that in the mix of entrees which are promptly brought out and pretty as a picture. When I bite into the Spring Rolls, I get the flavour of Thai Money Bags, which is a nice combination of the two Thai classics and enjoyed by all. The Tuna Bomb is a croquette encasing a very smooth and creamy filling and the Vegan Gyoza with their green hue are surprisingly full of flavour even with the absence of meat and animal products. Vegans and Vegetarians are certainly well looked after at Bang Tang, with heaps of tasty options that keep even the most die-hard carnivores like me happy.

Bang in the Avo Bowl
Trout Out Bowl, Cheeky Peanut Bowl, Tom Yum
Burmese Beef Curry
Juicy Belly Bowl

The Big Bowls seem to be the specialty at Bang Tang (if they aren't, they should be), because they are fantastic. With choices such as the Bang in the Avo Bowl, filled with cold soba noodles, avocado, gingered soy egg, crust tofu, Japanese pickle, Zucchini, black sesame and the Cheeky Peanut Bowl of grilled turmeric chicken, brown rice, cucumber, bean sprout, crushed peanut & Bang Tang satay sauce, these bowls are packed full of punchy ingredients and contain all the contents of a balanced meal in a single bowl. They are quite generously portioned and enough to split between 2 if you have an entree as well. At a price point of between $17-$25, its such a great offering, especially when they taste this good. My favourite is the Duck It Up, with roasted duck breast, brown rice, homemade hoisin sauce,

maple syrup, crispy tofu, pickled ginger, white sesame, basil & celery. The duck is tender and moist with the sweet and savoury sauce soaking into the nutty brown rice. Hits of pickled ginger lift the dish and refresh the palate from all those other big rich flavours. These are the types of dishes that I love because they really hit flavour-wise but are light enough so that they don't leave you feeling bloated and uncomfortable afterwards.

“I am transported back to childhood when I take a spoonful of the Juicy Belly Bowl. I think every South East Asian country does a version of this dish, and every Asian child would remember their mum stewing pork belly in a soy based sauce for hours and hours. My mum's had whole boiled eggs in it as well and was richer in the broth, but the version as Bang Tang still hits the spot. The pork is gelatinous perfection and simply melts in the mouth, the broth (although lighter than my mum's version) is enriched with the leached pork fat and warm with spices and the surprise for me was the rolls of rice noodle sheets in the bottom which unfurled to silky, slippery bliss.''

There's a lot to like about Bang Tang with beautiful dishes, passionate staff and a cute and casual setting; this would be great place for a first dinner date, or a late brunch/lunch after the night before. I am very impressed with the quality of the ingredients and the work and care put into each dish, especially at the very reasonable price point. This one is highly recommended folks!

Bang Tang Shop 2/145 Victoria St, Potts Point

*I dined here as a guest of Bang Tang but all opinions remain my own.

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