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Simple and tasty home cooking that nourishes the soul and fills the belly, made like mum's. Follow Kim's food adventures through family cooking and reviews of eating out.

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About Me

The woman behind Made Like Mum's is Kimberley Kells, a lover of all things buttery and salty. She lives on the the Lower North Shore of Sydney with her "very busy and important" (his words) husband and two feral toddler boys. Made Like Mum's follows Kim's culinary adventures through Sydney from date nights at the hottest new fine diner to cafes where they don't mind if the kids run wild. Kim is an avid cook, taught by her Thai mum that cooking is about instincts, not about measurements and instructions in recipes. It is her pleasure to share the recipes that she grew up with and what she cooks now she has a family of her own. Simple but tasty home cooking, these meals are made like mum's.

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