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Review of La Vie & Belle Bakery

Updated: Aug 16, 2019

How good is Instagram?! I seriously use it for everything, it's the new Google! (Sorry Google, please do not take me off the search results!) Scrolling the 'gram I have found recipes, real estate agents, kids events, gyms, hair dressers the list goes on. But something stopped me in my tracks yesterday and it was a picture of a simple croissant, oh but this croissant, it looked buttery, crispy, fluffy, airy and just dreamy. I had to have it. So over the bridge I went to La Vie & Belle Bakery in Surry Hills.

The lamination is like a dreamy cloud

Located on Fitzroy St in Surry Hills, parking was a bit of an issue but that just goes with the territory of these inner city suburbs, and I digress. La Vie & Belle Bakery is a little hole in the wall bakery emitting the most intoxicating aroma of fresh baked bread. At 10am it seems I have arrived late as the display wall was looking a little bare, I believe they were baking and restocking at the time, but to my relief, my prize, the croissants were plentiful and calling my name.

I quickly get to the front of the queue and am served by a handsome young Frenchman who tells me a bit about the savoury items on offer as I order my croissant and a croque monsieur. At $10 for the two items, I thought it was a bargain! The best part was as I was leaving he told me to "have a beautiful day" in his French accent *swoon*. Now I am a married woman but I'm not dead inside!

“That croissant did not disappoint. It was everything I hoped it would be: crisp and golden on the outside, and on the inside light and fluffy which a rich buttery flavour that had the palate begging for more. It is up there with the croissants of Paris.”

I can never resist a croque monsieur

The croque monsieur was also divine, crusty French bread slathered with a rich bechamel, leg ham and Gruyere cheese. It's like the best ham and cheese toastie you've ever had. I would have loved to sit in and enjoy these with a cup of tea but alas the small premises means they don't have space for a seating area. I will definitely be back and I will bring my mum who reckons she is a (self proclaimed) croissant expert. She is a tough critic and I'm interested to hear her opinion, it will also give me an excuse to try all the other beautiful quiches, eclairs, and tarts I spied in the case. Until next time, have a beautiful day.

100 Fitzroy St, Surry Hills

*This meal was independently paid for.

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